Hey Students!


My name is Mrs.Draper-Rice and I would like to welcome you to your 7th grade Home Economics Class!! Are you interested in balancing a checkbook, cooking basic foods, creating a budget, sewing various things, and more? Well then you will truly enjoy this class!



What you have to look forward to this year!


 This year we will be covering; Nutrition, Cooking (Food Preservation), Money Management, Internet Safety, Family Life (Child Development and Family Relationships), and Interior Design. The rest of the information you need to know is on your syllabus, which I will be posting on the site tomorrow.


This week!!


For this weeks assignment I am asking that you all bring in your two favorite recipes. When we meet again on Monday we will discuss each one and vote on which ones we like the most. The top two will be cooked during this school year! Students please also remember to bring the contract that I gave you all on Friday signed by both you and your parent on Monday as well. Make sure that any health issues or allergies are attached so I know what you can and can not have or come in contact with. 






  •  No cellphones or mp3 players in class. We have a class phone that is to be used for emergencies only. Also you all are allowed to bring whatever type of music (CDs or tapes) to class just make sure there is no cursing or music that you know your parents would not approve of.
  • Keep your student code of contact in mind! All school rules and policies are enforced in my classroom.
  • When cooking or preparing to cook please remember to have hair put up in a ponytail or pinned up, make sure to wear an apron, wash your hands, and have on tennis shoes.
  • Also keep in mind this classes rules. We made the rules together so it shouldn't be hard for you all to follow them.
  • 25: Please make sure you have all cooking supplies because we will be cooking our first meal! (It's a suprise!) 
  • 1st: 80's Day! Come dressed in your best 80's attire! Best dressed wins a prize!
  • 6th: Labor Day. No School!
  • 12th: Beginning to Sew! Make sure you have all supplies!
  • 24th: Field trip to SouthSide BBq (for lesson in bbqing) 
More dates to come so be on the LOOK OUT!