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About The Teacher

NAME: Miss Kristi Atkison

SCHOOL: Kendale Lakes Elementary- Home of The Tigers

CLASS: art, art club for 4th and 5th grades

SCHOOL PHONE: 305-385-2575 and don't forget to visit the school website at www.kle.dadeschools.net


About The Teacher

Miss Atkison has lived in Miami most of her life.  She was a graduate of 
Gulliver Preparatory.  She was on the school's tennis and softball teams and 
competed in tennis on statewide competitions. She is also a member of the 
Women USTA league for tennis and is found playing on Monday and Friday night 
playing singles and doubles. She also plays mixed doubles tennis on Mondays, 
Thursday and Friday nights when the weather allows her. Another sport she 
has recently taken up is golf and can be found playing with her parents, 
friends and oldest nephew on the weekends. She didn't get interested in art 
until she was attending college at Florida International University. Miss 
Atkison is a graduate from Florida International University with five 
seperate degrees. She began teaching in 1992 at Olinda Elementary which she 
earned the rookie teacher of the year award.  She  transferred to Kendale 
Lakes Elementary in 1999.  She has a minor in Fine Arts, a Bachelor's in 
Psychology, a Bachelor's in Art Education, a Master's in Art Education, and 
a Specialist in Art Education. She has passed her national boards as of 
November 2009.She has earned the teacher of the year honor at Kendale 
Lakes Elementary in 2010-2011. She has also been selected as one of 
the 5 finalist for the region. With her degree in art education she began 
developing her own unique style of art and creating a working portfolio that 
she uses in her profession as an artist.  She is a working artist that 
specializes in pastels and watercolors and competes in a variety of shows 
and contests with her art work. Examples of her style of work can be found 
in Atkison art gallery on the home page. She has won several awards and 
recognitions for her art at contests and sells her work to the public. When 
she is not working at school or playing tennis you can often find her at 
home either painting with her pastels or watercolor paints or playing with 
her dog Pepper.  Pepper is a silky terrier that she adopted from the Miami 
Humane Society in November 2004.  The loves of her life are her dog, 
parents, brother, sister-in-law and her two nephews (one is in his second year of college 
 and the other isstarting his first year in law school). She is very happy that her family 
lives close by so they see each other often.

Mission For The Class

The art class mission is to expose the students to various styles and 
mediums in art.  The student learns about artists of the time and the 
development of the individual styles.  The art teacher instucts students to 
develop their skills in drawing, pastels, watercolor painting, tempra 
painting, sculpture, and cutting and pasting with paper.  There is also an 
art club for students in the 4th and 5th grades.  Students try out for the 
club and get to experience art more often than they would in the regular