Art lesson sheets- if quarantined

I case your child gets quarantined from school, due to Covid, I have created this page for lessons that can be pulled for art during the time that you are in Distance Learning.   You need to have one redraw sheet for every week that you are not in school.  One redraw sheet is one lesson, the goal is to redraw the picture on a sheet of copy or computer paper and color it with either crayons, color pencils or markers. When you are finished with the assignment please take a picture of the art work and submit the work to my email. If you are unable to send the picture through email then please have the student bring the work in when they return to school.  If you have any questions you can email me at  

This has various redraw sheets to select from.  


Select one of the redraw sheets and redraw the picture on a 9x12 white paper ( copy paper). If you do not have this size paper then please do the drawing in your sketchbook.  When completed redraw the pencil to ink ( black sharpie) and color with marker, crayon, and /or color pencil.  When completed please write your name, homeroom teacher and the date on the BACK of the sheet.