Homework- Sketchbooks


A Note From the Art Teacher-

This website is a special site designed for the parents and is not a regular 
part of my teaching methods.  I am providing this site for you to be able to 
assist your child and make sure that you have all the same knowledge that I 
give your child during their class time.  I do post the homework on the 
marker board every Monday (and it stays on the board until the next Monday)
and I constantly change the assignment at the beginning of each week.  I also 
give the assignment to the students at the end of the period verbally so the 
student have both the visual and verbal cues given to them for the homework.  
I also post the artist of the month and the master's work on the marker board 
and change them every new month.  So students also have the visual of who 
they can write about if they are interested in doing that months artist or 
the master's work.   I am not required by the state to post the information 
on the website but feel that the best way to help your child is to always 
have a way that the parents can check up and find out information that is 
being given to your child.  This site is a benefit to you and your child. If 
there are questions or concerns you have about your child I am always willing 
and able to discuss them through email, phone, or conference. Thank you.

K. Atkison

All art classes have homework every week. On the second week of class all 
the students will need to have a sketchbook which they will be responsible 
for.  If they wish they can purchase a sketchbook from several stores. We do 
offer a sketchbook at the school store that fits the size required for the 
class for $7.00. They will also need to have a purple pocket folder to carry 
the sketchbooks they create so they can safely carry the book home and back 
to class weekly. Subject matter is assigned at the end of the class period.  
If your child does not remember what the homework is, please have them create 
a free-drawing. If your child is in second grade they are expected to draw in 
pencil at least half of the page.  The students in third grade must draw in 
pencil filling the whole page.  Fourth graders must draw the picture covering 
the whole page and color at least half of the page.  Fifth graders need to 
draw and color the whole page.  Students can color in crayons or color 
pencils.  As of the second week of school I will be listing the 
weekly assignments for homework on this page.  The assignment topic is 
assigned on the week it is listed under and the work will be due to the 
teacher the following week. This will assist you in finding out what your 
child was assigned for the week in question.
Assigned on the week of-		Topic

Week - August 23, 2021         		One purple pocket folder and sketchbook 
                           		(The sketchbook is around 6"x9" with 80 sheets.) 
Week- August 30, 2021               	Free Draw
Week-September 6, 2021        		My Family
Week-September 13, 2021      		FREE DRAW
Week-September 20, 2021       		My favorite Disney character  
Week-September 27, 2021      		FREE DRAW
Week-October 4, 2021          		My favorite sport
Week-October 11, 2021         		FREE DRAW
Week-October 18, 2021         		My favorite cartoon character is 
Week-October 25, 2021        		FREE DRAW
Week-November 1, 2021         		One thing I would like to try to do
Week-November 8, 2021        		FREE DRAW
Week-November 15, 2021        		My pet- either one you have or one you would like to get 
Week-November 22, 2021        		FREE DRAW
Week-November 29, 2021        		My favorite food  
Week-December 6, 2021         		FREE DRAW      
Week-December 13, 2021        		Winter break I want to do....
Week-January 3, 2022        		FREE DRAW
Week-January 10, 2022          		What my bedroom looks like
Week-January 17, 2022         		FREE DRAW
Week-January 24, 2022         		My favorite animal
Week-January 31, 2022         		FREE DRAW
Week-February 7, 2022        		My favorite outfit I like to wear
Week-February 14, 2022        		FREE DRAW
Week-February 21, 2022        		What will the future look like
Week-February 28, 2022        		FREE DRAW
Week-March 7, 2022            		If I lived in the skies.
Week-March 14, 2022           		FREE DRAW
Week-March 28, 2022           		What I did during spring break
Week-April 4, 2022           		FREE DRAW
Week-April 11, 2022        		I would like to travel to.....
Week-April 18, 2022          		FREE DRAW
Week-April 25, 2022           		My kitchen looks like.....
Week-May 2, 2022                	FREE DRAW
Week-May 9, 2022             		My best friend is...
Week-May 16, 2022             		FREE DRAW
Week-May 23, 2022            		What I would like to do this summer
Week-May 30, 2022            		Have a super and safe summer