Master's Art work- extra credit option

Extra Credit- Master's works

 Master’s Works

This page is another extra credit option for students to use who want to 
improve their grades. It is not a required assignment.  Each month I will be 
identifying a specific Master’s art work by its title.  The student is to 
find the artwork and write all the information about that piece on a sheet of 
paper.  I will accept 2 Master’s work papers every grading period. A total of 
8 for the whole school year. The questions that need to be answered for the 
Master’s art is…

At the top of the page I would like to see a picture of the art work you are 
talking about
•	What is the title of the art work you are doing?
•	Who is the artist that created the art work?
•	What year was the art work considered finished?
•	What style of art is the art work considered?
•	Where and when was the artist born?
•	What materials were used to create the art work?
•	Where can you find the art work today?
•	What is an important fact about the art work?
September-		“The Night Watch ”
October-		“Egyptian Sphinx ”
November-		“The Sleeping Gypsy ”
December- 		“Spiral Jetty ”
January-		“The Great Wave Off Kanagawa ”
February-		“Dropped Bowl in Miami ”
March-		        “American Gothic”
April-			“Washington Crossing the Delaware”
May-			“Whistler's Mother”