About Me


    My name is Kristie Oke and I graduated in 2013 from Indiana Wesleyan University in Marion, Indiana. I enjoy singing, reading, playing dress-up, and spending time with people. I love to learn and hope this year my students will teach me lots of new things!Smile I'm excited for what will be accomplished this year and can't wait for all the fun learning experiences we will have as a class.

    As an educator, I believe there are certain ideas and concepts that all students should know. I believe there is a core base of knowledge that I feel responsible to communicate with my students. I also believe that the best learning comes from experience. I hope to engage students in ways that help them develop problem-solving strategies they can use the rest of their lives. Education is a journey that starts in the classroom and continues throughout our lives. Thank you for the opportunity to serve this community in this way!


 E-mail: kristie.oke@student.indwes.edu

Home phone: (574) 522-8277

Please contact me with any questions!