Always review any graded or checked classwork that comes home
in your child's daily take-home binder to ensure they are mastering 
the material we are learning in class. (WHITE BINDER)

Please provide extra practice on skills that may have 
been difficult for your child!

Nightly reading homework will be issued in your child's WHITE  
binder.  This should take about 20 minutes each night depending on your child's ability level.

Spelling words AND Sight words should also be practiced each night as we will do 
activities with them in class each day.

*** Unfinished classwork will be sent home for your child to 
complete.  He/she needs to return it to school the next day.

Handwriting:  Your child can practice on the back of the handwriting 
paper that I send home each day if they are having difficulty or 
making mistakes.

AR:  Accelerated Reader - books need to come to school everyday.  When your child is ready to test on their book, 
complete the reading log sheet in their yellow AR folder and send it to school.  AR is an  
excellent way to keep your child's independent reading level 
improving! The goal is to test on two books each week or more.

Thank you for taking the time and showing the interest in your child’s education. It makes all of the 
difference. Today’s education standards require not only a teacher’s instruction, but the parents 
help at home to ensure success!