Leader of the Week Schedule 2021 - 2022

 Student Leader

Each student will be student leader for a week.  During this time, your child will have a photo and an "All About Me" worksheet posted. This worksheet will be a homework assignment during the first couple of weeks of school. I will keep the completed "All About Me" worksheet until it is their time to be student leader. The photo/poster will be given back once their two weeks is over. While your child is student leader, you may or may not want to do something to celebrate. This will be entirely up to you. Examples of ways to help celebrate being student leader would be to send in a treat (pencils, erasers, candy, stickers, special store bought individually wrapped snacks etc). Also, while your child is student leader, their classmates will sign a personalized student leader letter to them. I will send the letter home at the end of your student leaders week for a keepsake treasure.



August 23 - 27:     HOLDEN

September 20-24:      CAROLINE

September 27 - October 1:     ZACHARY                                           

October 18 - 22:     ASHER

November 15 - 19:     AMYIA           

November 28 - December 3:     OLIVIA 

December 6-10:   OWEN

December 13 - 17:        RALEIGH             

January 10 - 14:    AMARI

January 18-21:     PALIN

January 24-28:     SOPHIA

January 31 - February 4:    JEREMIAH

February 7-11:     BRANNON  

February 28 - March 4:     SARAH                

March 21 - 25:     WYATT

April 4-8:     BRAXTON   

April 18 - 22:    MADDIE

April 25 - 29:       AVA              

May 9 - 13:      BAYLOR

May 16-20:       (New Student)