American English With Kristy

                                                Monthly Notes

September 2019




I've decided to ________ these steaks on the grill instead of cooking them inside.

You need to preheat the ________ to 375 degrees and then bake the cake for 30 minutes.

Please be sure to ________ the onion into very small pieces.

Follow-Up Activity

Describe how to prepare a traditional food from your country. First, introduce the ingredients and then explain the steps on how to make the dish. Use the Internet to help you find a recipe and pictures of this food.


August 2019


Present Simple Verb Tense

When you use present simple, you are using a routine. It’s something that you always do every day, month or year. Or it’s something that you never do.

  • I, You, We, They: travel every day.
  • He, She, It: travels every day.


Present Continuous/Progressive Verb Tense

When you use present continuous, you are referring to what is happening right now. Also, it can be an action that is not yet complete.

  • I: am traveling right now.
  • You, We, They: are traveling right now.
  • He, She, It: is traveling right now.


July 2019


Phonetic Sounds Mouth Anatomy                                                         

/L/ SOUND                                                                                                  
Your tip of the tongue goes on the roof of your mouth.                                           

/R/ SOUND                                                                                                                                               
Your tip of the tongue does not go on the roof of your mouth.

Your tip of the tongue goes in between your teeth.

Your tongue goes behind your teeth and teeth go together.

 Write a definition          

Person, place or thing that is unique about your home country.