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Philosophy of Education
As an early childhood educator I believe that children learn how to trust and gain mental and physical bonding to parents and other people around them, and also gain commutation skills, social skills, problem solving and self knowledge in their first five years of life.
           Children do not come with all of these things; it is the role of a parent and the early childhood teacher to help the children learn this. The teacher can help in the classroom by making the children feel safe and welcome in the classroom, give them the sense of belonging in the classroom and show love by hugging , playing and having conversations with the children. The teacher should show them respect and understand that they are people with needs and still developing emotionally, physically and mentally skills to the world around them. The teacher’s role is to understand that the children come into the classroom with their families’ morals and culture and it is the teacher’s job to infuse both home and school.  The teacher’s role is to partner with the parents to help the children accomplish those goals.
            As an educator it is my job to help children explore and experience the world around them by using their five senses. I believe that early childhood educators should understand the developmental level of each child in the classroom and teach base on their development level and foster positive guidance to promote learning and the love of learning in the classroom.
            I believe in and understand Jean Piaget’s Theory of Cognitive Development. Piaget believes that from birth- two years of age children recognizes self as agent of action and begins to act intentionally; this is the sensor- motor stage. At age two to seven children learn to use language and to represent objects by images and words and at age seven to eleven they can think logically about objects and events. As an educator it is my job to help build that foundation for the children with this tool and knowledge the Piaget Theory of Cognitive Development gives me.
Cobb County School District Vision, Mission and Goals
The Cobb County School District (District) acknowledges that an effective district reaches its full potential only when it knows and meets the needs of its students and operates based on a mission and vision, supported by meaningful, concrete goals, developed and shared by its stakeholders.
       MISSION:  To provide an academically rigorous, caring and safe educational environment in partnership with families, students and the community. We support each student's success through quality learning experiences. Our task is to improve student achievement through performance based instruction. This instruction emphasizes the student learning which is demonstrated through performances or products. To improve student achievement, we must have a guaranteed curriculum, and deliver the content so that students learn the content, but can also apply, use and communicate their knowledge. In order to measure student learning and refine the instruction, we must regularly use a variety of assessment tools. The district chart pulls together the major components, which directly build student achievement and performance. Student achievement is a cumulative process of educational experiences. Through the curriculum, resources, and strategies, the District provides the learning opportunities necessary for students to acquire the skills, knowledge, communication, thinking, and reasoning abilities needed to be successful graduates of Cobb County.
       VISION: All children will receive the respect, encouragement and opportunities they need to build the knowledge, skills and attitudes to be successful, contributing members of a global society.
DeKalb County School System
    The mission of the DeKalb County School System is to form a collaborative effort between home and school that maximizes students' social and academic potential preparing them to compete in a global society.
      To narrow the achievement gap and improve the graduation rate by creating a high performance learning culture in all schools and sites.
       To increase rigor and academic achievement in reading/language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies in perk–12.
       To ensure quality personnel in all positions.
       To ensure fiscal responsibility in order to maintain safe and healthy learning environments that support academic programs, resources, and services
Gwinnett County Public Schools
Gwinnett County Public Schools will become a system of world-class schools where students acquire the knowledge and skills to be successful as they continue their education at the postsecondary level and/or enter the workforce
The mission of Gwinnett County Public Schools is to pursue excellence in academic knowledge, skills, and behavior for each student, resulting in measured improvement against local, national, and world-class standards.
Strategic Goals to Support the Mission (Adopted 4/11/02)
 Goal 1: Gwinnett County Public Schools will ensure a world-class education for all students by focusing on teaching and learning the Academic Knowledge and Skills (AKS) curriculum.
Goal 2: Gwinnett County Public Schools will ensure a safe, secure, and orderly environment for all.
Goal 3: Gwinnett County Public Schools will optimize student achievement through responsible stewardship of its financial resources and the proactive pursuit of all resources necessary to meet current and future demands.
Goal 4: Gwinnett County Public Schools will recruit, employ, develop, and retain a workforce that achieves the mission and goals of the organization.
Goal 5: Gwinnett County Public Schools will meet the continuing and changing demand for essential information through technological systems and processes that support effective performance and desired results.
Goal 6: Gwinnett County Public Schools will provide and manage the system's facilities and operations in an exemplary manner as determined by programmatic needs and best management practices.
Goal 7: Gwinnett County Public Schools will apply continuous quality improvement strategies and principles as the way the organization
Vision for Students. . .
      As customers of a system of world-class schools, our students will:
a. Perform on or above grade level as measured by the standards set in our essential curriculum,
the Academic Knowledge and Skills (AKS), and evidenced through various local, state,
national, and international assessments.
b. Take responsibility for their own learning and achievement.
c. Be successful after high school, whether they continue their formal education or immediately
enter the workforce.
d. Learn in classrooms that are safe, orderly, and free from violence or disruption of any kind.
e. Demonstrate traditional values and good work habits.
f. Value and appreciate their school experience.
g. Develop and exhibit leadership and teamwork skills through their daily studies and
participation in extracurricular activities.
h. Become effective problem solvers and communicators through the proficient use of
Fulton County School System
Mission, Vision, Beliefs and Values 
Our Mission
Is to educate every student to be a responsible, productive citizen.
Our Vision
Is for all students to learn to their full potential.
We Believe In
?         Excellence
?         Trust and Honest Communication
?         Common Understanding
?         Personal Responsibility
?         Commitment
?         Academic Achievement
?         Measured Results
?         Continuous Improvement
?         Safe and Nurturing Environment
?         Involved Family, Community and Staff
?         Transparency and Accountability

Value Statements
? Each Fulton County School will educate every student to his/her fullest potential.
?         Fulton County will engage parents as key partners in the educational process.
? Each Fulton County School will be the preferred school for its students and parents.
? Each Fulton County School will provide greater value for each child’s educational experience when compared to top-performing public and private schools in the nation.
?   Fulton County schools will prepare each student to excel in a rapidly changing global society.
Bomb threat is defined as: Transmitting in any manner a false alarm to the effect that a bomb or other explosive of any nature is concealed on school property creating a potentially dangerous situation.
• First Offense:
Minimum of t e n (10) days out-of-school suspension.
Maximum is a recommendation for long-term suspension/expulsion for a specified time.
Contact Public Safety.
       Second Offense:
Minimum o f t e n (10) days out-of-school suspension with a recommendation for long-term suspension for at least the remainder of the current semester up to expulsion for a specified time.
Maximum is a recommendation for expulsion for one (1) calendar year.
Contact Public Safety.
 Third and Subsequent Offenses:
Minimum o f t e n (10) days out-of-school with a recommendation for expulsion for one
Calendar year,
Maximum is a recommendation for permanent expulsion,
Contact Public Safety.
School Closing Due to Inclement Weather
 When the Cobb County School System closes due to inclement weather, the decision for closing school is usually made and given to the radio and television stations by 6:00 AM.  Most metro area radio stations will announce school closings right after the headlines on the hour and at frequent intervals.
If a decision to close is made during the working hours of the school day, a statement will be given to the media.  All students will be sent home on the buses (make sure when you fill out your information card that you write in the bus number that your child should ride) unless the parent or another person designated on the inclement weather form arrives before buses leave the school.  There will be no After School Program when school is closed.