Virtual Field Trip



We don’t always have the time or the money to take field trips to all the places we’d like to visit in person, so the virtual classroom charter is waiting for you to board for your virtual field trip.  On this trip, you will discover how salt water is made potable. 

What is "potable"?  I'm glad you asked!  Take a look in your handy dictionary and see what that word means.  And while you are making preparations, right click on the "VTF LOG" link to your right.  It will take you to a page which can serve as a log and journal of your trip.  Click on VFT Rubric to see how your learning will be measured on this trip.

Print a copy of that page and put it in the clipboard on your table. To get you started, I have put some "thinking prompts" on the page, and I've left room for you to record your own observations, connections and questions.  Feel free to add as much paper as you need!  

Ready?  Then go ahead!



Step 1:   Mouse over the airplane and left click when you see a hand.  Orient yourself to where we begin.  Zoom out a little bit so you can take a look at a bigger geographic area and its significant water feature. Record your observations in your log.
Step 2:    Left click on the arrow.  You can zoom in to point "A" and point "B" to get a close up view of our point of origination and our point of destination.Record your observations in your log. 


Step 3:  Left click on the map of Australia for your first highlight tour!

Wow!  There’s a lot of information here!  Get your VFT log out again!


See full size image 

Step 4:  Time for a rest stop!  Stretch your legs, go to the restroom and get a drink of water.


Step 5:  Left click on the arrow to see your  next destination.


See full size image 

Step 6:  Continue your journey with a left click on the map of India.


Tons more things to see and understand!  Bring out your trusty VFT log!



Step 6:  Left click on the arrows for your next destination.  Once there, look at "figure 1" for a “schematic diagram” of what you have seen in desalination plants in Australia and India.  You guessed it!  Bring out our VFT log again!

Step 7:  It’s time to come back home.  Left click on the arrow to find your map of India again.  Zoom out (-) until you can see the United States.  Which direction will you travel to come home?  North? East? South? West? Can you find Kentucky and zoom in (+) on Louisville?  If you have time, you could even figure out the distance.  Once you’ve ended your trip, come file your VFT log with Mrs. Jackowitz and see what’s next!  See full size image