Certified Spanish Medical Translations: Medical Spanish Interpreter

Do you require the services of an English to Spanish Medical Interpreter? A medical translator who speaks both English and Spanish? For many years, our translation company has specialized in Medical Translation. Because of our experience, we have gradually built a strong network of professional translators. Specialists in medical translation from and into Spanish are among them. They were carefully chosen based on their experience, language skills, and knowledge of medical jargon. Is your research in cardiology, radiology, or biomedicine? We will always have the expertise you require. If you need excellent translation services, put your trust in us and choose expertise and quality!

Professional linguistic experience and subject matter expertise in the health disciplines are required for quality medical translations between English and Spanish. To provide our clients with the most accurate English-Spanish Medical Interpreter services,

L.A. Translation only hires professional Spanish Medical Interpreter who are certified members of ATA or The National Board of Certification for Medical Interpreters. L.A. Translation consistently delivers the highest quality English-Spanish medical translations for a variety of medical companies and healthcare organizations that drive cross-language success, thanks to our industry-leading translation memory and terminology management solutions on the cloud.

L.A. Translation offers professional Medical Translation services between English and Spanish, including hospital translations, physician care translation, nursing facility interpretation, pharmacy translation, and government health directive translations. We translate a wide range of healthcare documents from English to Spanish and from Spanish to English, including patient records, informed consent forms, immunization reports, and treatment plans.

Spanish Medical Document Translation

Whatever your project is, rest assured that we have experience translating this type of document. Because of our extensive experience in medical translation, we are able to specialize in a wide range of medical documentation. Here are a few examples:

●    Journal articles Conference reports
●    Publications
●    Reports on projects and research
●    Study findings and new research reports
●    General-interest works
●    Test results
●    Questionnaires
●    Leaflets
●    Dosage recommendations for new products
●    Results of clinical trials
●    Pharmaceutical laws and regulations
●    Medical documentation