Google Translator Can’t Help You In Official Business

Google translator may work for a casual scenario, but it cannot be used for official work. In the professional field, the translation has to be meaningful and accurate. Even with all its technological

development, the Google AI system has not able to make a machine that can replace human translators.

Doing a business or legal deal with the international arena through translation software is not practical. You need translation live on the spot. For this purpose, over the phone interpretation is the best

method. It takes less time and everybody could understand what the other person is saying.

Type of Translation work

• Transcription & Subtitling

This service is often used by the entertainment industry for translating different stories and conversations. By using this service, you can decipher any book or script accurately.

• Patent Translation

The scientific communities around the world often use this service. It helps them read patents from different countries and share knowledge.

• Legal Contract Translation

This Document Translation Services mostly used for legal and business work. Courts often ask for this type of translation for international case hearings.


Where can I find a translation expert?

You need to hire a certified company like L.A. Translation and Interpretation, Inc. for all types of legal and official translation work. This company was established in the year 2003. Since then, it has worked

with various institutions on translation projects.