What is the importance of USCIS Certified Translation?

The translation services and certification holds utmost importance when applying for immigration or expanding your horizons. The USCIS certified translation services allow you to immigrate without any hassle. It requires an affirmed interpretation for any non-English reports to acknowledge them as a component of the application. The most well-known reports submitted to USCIS incorporate imperative testaments such as birth, marriage, separate from authentications), oaths, records, travel papers, and so forth

The interpretation should be finished – which means, the deciphered record should incorporate all content from the source archive, and it should incorporate a marked Certificate of Translation Accuracy. Our interpretations by USCIS, our authentication has been endorsed, and we have a 100% acknowledgment rate.

USCIS will acknowledge ensured interpretations printed from an electronic PDF document, which we incorporate with all orders, and they don't need the affirmed interpretation to be authenticated. See our USCIS interpretation direct for extra data.

The translation is a critical process. It is not necessary that what a particular word means in your language would mean the same in other languages too. Hence, you need a certified translator to help you determine what is being asked for and what needs to go in the document.

It is essential to understand that any mistakes in the translation or missed out information in the translation will delay your possibility of getting citizenship by six months or more. If USCIS found any discrepancy or if they have a doubt regarding the authenticity of the document, you might get a “request for evidence” issued, which will delay the processing by a month. If the USCIS is still not convinced with the translated documents that you have resubmitted, then your application might lead to denial.

All your documents are timely translated for accuracy and quality. A professional translation service will certify that the document is translated to the best of their knowledge. The USCIS will know that the document translation thus is translated entirely with a proper signature.