When to Hire a Translation Company for Your Legal Needs

 If you are in a litigation where you received thick papers written in a foreign language, L.A. Translation is here to help you translate it into English by ATA or court certified translators. Since 2003, we have used ATA or court certified interpreters for various legal documents and have screened only the best. Our Chinese translator Ms. Pals is recognized to be the top in the field of Chinese translation services. She was willing to provide rush court certified translation services during the Chinese New Year holidays, while cooking and preparing for her family. She puts the client’s need before her own, and is always on time.


L.A. Translation also provides the best English to Korean translation services in the field. Dr. Junhui Joo who is the owner and chief editor of the company, who is also a court certified interpreter, makes sure every Korean translation is proofread and edited. English to Korean translation is not only 100% accurate, but is in high quality writing style and is easy to read. Language translation is not only about converting word for word, but also expressing the nuance and meaning between the lines. If you are writing a letter to judge, or a love letter, this is the best place since L.A. Translation knows how to translate languages to touch people’s heart. If you need good copy writing for advertising, or need your website translated from English to Korean, L.A. Translation is the right place to get your translator. Your Korean website will be written in high quality Korean language, free flowing and natural sounding, unlike so many other English to Korean translation services where it doesn’t read like natural Korean language.

A good Korean translator should have not just bilingual capability, but also the talent and mastery of language, so that it can touch people’s heart and mind. And that is a rare quality to find, which you can find at L.A. Translation.