Math Overview

5th grade NYS Math Exam 

Dates: April 24th, 25th, and 26th

Day One:Ø  41 Multiple choice questions

Day Two:Ø 4 short response and 4 extending response questions     

Students must be able to write in all subject areas including math. In Day Two of the exam, students will have to show all work and explain how they found their answers. Please encourage your children NEVER to leave an answer blank! If they are unsure of how to explain, make an educated guess.  

Breakdown by strand: 

Number Sense and Operations- 39%

Algebra- 25%

Geometry- 25%

Measurement- 14%

Probability and Statistics- 11%  

How can you help?

·        Be sure students are doing homework thoroughly! Practice reading all directions and underlining key information. Take the time to do it right. The hard work will pay off!

·        Quiz students on their time tables everyday (in front of the TV, while they’re on the computer, snacking, etc.)·        Help them learn to tell time! Look at the clock throughout the morning and evening. Have students identify the correct time (not on a digital!J) 

·        Give students a word problem when a situation presents itself. For example if you’re baking cookies. (If there are 4 people in your family and each person wants three cookies, how many cookies do you need to bake?)

·        Have your children teach you! If you’re unfamiliar with any of the math we are doing this year (i.e. Lattice method) have your child teach you. Teaching someone else how to do something is one of the best ways of seeing how well they know the information.

Envisions Math Website:

Each student will be receiving their own username and password soon!!!