I'm done! What can I do now?

When you finish your computer job, here are a few choice activities:

Keyboarding Math

Practice typing at Keyboard Climber.

Dance as you learn to type.

I know it is winter, but treat yourself to an ice cream cone.

Escape the evil eraser as you practice your facts.

Race through your multiplcation problems.

Want to stay up past your bedtime?  Grab the clocks as they fall from the ceiling. 

Solve the terrifingly tough calculator problems


Worms Reading

Explore the wonderful world of worms.

Learn about other gross decomposers.         WARNING - This site can be yucky!

Read about becoming a vermiculturist.

Find all the elements that make a good story.

Listen to a book at Tumblebooks.

Writing Science
Work with nouns, verbs and adjectives as you battle ninjas.

Brain Pop teaches about sound energy

Experiment with pitch & volume at the BBC

Check out three cool instruments

Visit the New York Philharmonic Orchestra

                      Learn about composers

                      Find an instrument to build

                       Learn about instruments

                       Test your percussion skills in a percussion showdown


food chains & webs

Simple Machines

Build a fod web from different world habitats

Read the clues and earn points while you organize this complicated ocean food web

Drag and drop the pieces of simple food webs

Connect predators and preys with energy arrows

Link the members of the food chain

See what happens to the food web if one member dies

Find the simple machines in each room of the house.

Read about the six simple machines.

Play simple machine concentration.

Use simple machine words to play Hangman.

Spend the night in the Museum of Science building machines to solve a mystery.

Find the compound machines in the tool shed.

Try to figure out what machine Leonardo da Vinci invented.



Learn more about our creepy friends by visiting:

Read about the inside of an earthworm.

Explore the wonderful world of worms.

Read about becoming a vermiculturist.