Mrs. Robinson

Hello everyone! Thank you for taking the time to look at your classroom website! Under the tab for your grade level, you will find study materials for your finals! You will also find a bonus activity. This activity can be done for 5pts of bonus. I will place these points onto a low score in your gradebook. The points can bring you up to full credit, but can not put you above credit on any one assignment. If that happens, I will split the 5pts between two grades.  

Please also take this time to check your skyward grades! I have entered classwork grades for English 11 Narrative Drafts. Some of you were missing the draft and will need to bring that with you to the final for 40pts! That will be a huge help to your grade! 

English 9 students will see their grades updated by tomorrow afternoon. There are a few participation grades and one class of well-developed paragraphs that will be entered into skyward.


I have decided to grade all FINAL DRAFT writing assignments ( persuasive letter and narrative) for your finals. This will shorten the length of your final exam and will allow you to take more time on the reading and multiple choice. Remember that the final exam is 20% of your grade. You have been given multiple study opportunities in class and a review will take place prior to the exam, so I expect you all to come prepared and ready to pass! :) 


Extra credit work is DUE when you WALK IN THE DOOR to the REVIEW time prior to your final! IF it isnt in the yellow bin when I walk in, then no credit will be given! This is to reward those of you who put in effort to study and take ownership of your grade prior to the final!