Setting up a web site - Glossary

There are a few terms you should be familiare with before you begin. 

Web site - a set of pages holding information on a related topic.  A company may have a website about their services or products, a teacher may have a web site about their classroom.

Web Page - a single page within a web site.  Like a page in a book the web page is part of a larger web site.  The web page should have a more narrow topic than the overal site, a company would have a seperate page for each products a teacher might have seperate pages for classroom rules, homework, Events, projects ect.

Web Browser- the web browser is the program you use to view web pages.  at Cornerstone most computers are set up to use Internet Explorer (IE) or Google Chrome.

File - a single data set normally in the form of a document, picture or sound. Files are stored in folders either on your local computer, your network server or the internet. You need to know where a file is located to add it to your web site.

Folder - A collection of related files or sub folders used to organize information for easier retreival.

Network folder - a folder that is on the network server, not your local machine.

Server - a computer on your buisness network or on the internet that holds files for remote access.

ISP- internet service provider - the company you pay money to to have internet connection nad email at your home. AT&T, Brighthouse (Roadrunner), Eathlink and Americal Online are all ISP's.

Web Host - the company that controls the server your web site files are stored on.  Your ISP will give you some free web space. You can also use companies like to host your web site.  This site is free, but it is very basic and does not allow for advanced features and graphics.