Setting up a web site - Choose a Host

There are several options for hosts that have various pros and cons.

Your personal ISP most likely offers you a small amount of free web space with your access account.  The pros are, this is a highly flexable free account. You can most likely use a free online web builder or if you have a bit more expertise, you can upload a site via FTP that you created on web software on your local computer.  The advantage of the second method is that it is liekly more flexable and ou will have more options for personalizing the site. The advantage of the first is ease of set up and editorial access.

A second optoin is a paid host.  This will give you a more powerful online set up editor and will definatly give you the optoin ot upload a site you have created using other software.  This would be best for the more advanced user that wants to have a lot of options for things like background colors and variable layouts.  If you want to include a lot of picture files and other graphics, if you want to include a blog Or embed facebook or other streams.

The thrid and most user firendly option is a free online web host like the one i've found here.  The set up is very easy. There is no charge, and you can set up multiple page sites in jsut a few minutes.  It is however the least flexable, as you can see this is a very basic a visually a bit boaring. But I can getthe info out quickly and easily.

Call tech support for your ISP to get infomation on how to use the space they provide, or do a search to find a paied or free service you like if this host is not what you want.