Your Teacher

I want to welcome you all to first grade!  It's an exciting year where a lot of learning takes place. 

I moved to Arcadia and started seventh grade at DMS.  I graduated from DeSoto High School in 1997.  I went on to graduate from Florida Southern College in 2001 with a BS in Elementary Education.  I orginally went with the intentions of being an accountant, but I quickly realized I wasn't passionate enough about it to continue.  After graduation, I finished the school year substituting at West.  I thought it would be a great opportunity to get my foot in the door.  Apparently it was!  I was hired as a 2nd grade teacher for the following school year.  I have been teaching for ten years now.  All eight years have been spent at West (six years in 2nd and four years in 1st). 

I have been married for six years now.  My husband, Dalan, and I met in 7th grade at Vacation Bible School!  Innocent  We dated in college, then got married after five years.  We have two wonderfully, challenging young boys.  Brock is 5 years old and Corbin is 4 years old.  Our third little one,Gaige, is on the way!  The attached picture isn't the best, but take a look at the Gilmore family.  They are definitely your typical boys ... always rough-housing, continuously bouncing from one place to another, and never a clean face or hand.  Corbin gets more bumps and bruises than Brock at this age; he seems more adventerous right now.  I wonder if that's a sign of what is to come or if he's getting it out of his system now.  Click the links to take a look at my handsome boys:  Brock, Brock & mommy, Corbin, Corbin & mommy.

Enough about me, I have created this website for you, mom & dad.  If you have any suggestions about what you would like to see, please email me.  My email is lucretia.gilmore@desoto.k12.fl.us.  I'm always looking for new pages to include.  I look forward to reading your suggestions!

Mrs. Lucretia Gilmore