Mystery Reader


I would like to invite any parents, older siblings, grandparents, relatives, or other special people to surprise your child by being a "Mystery Reader" this year in our classroom.  Students LOVE having their family, friends, and relatives visit our classroom to share in our learning by reading a favorite story aloud to our class.  Mystery Readers will visit us on Fridays at 11:30 AM.  Readers are asked to do two things: (1) send in five clues about themselves that will help the class figure out the identity of the reader and (2) bring a book to read or read a teacher-chosen book from our classroom library. 

Remember, you will be a mystery to the class, so try not to tell your child when you will be coming!


Dates are listed below.


Student Name


September 24, 2010  
October 8, 2010  
October 22, 2010  
November 5, 2010  
November 19, 2010  
December 10, 2010  
January 14, 2011  
January 28, 2011  
February 11, 2011  
February 25, 2011  
March 11, 2011  
April 8, 2011  
April 29, 2011  
May 6, 2011  
May 20, 2011