Feeling Froggy

 Feeling Froggy?


There are five colors that are involved in this discipline plan:  green, yellow, orange, red, and blue.  Every morning, each student will begin the day on green.  If any class or school rule is broken any where on campus, the student will move  to the next color.  The various colors determine the consequence(s) and will be noted at the end of the day on the Weekly Hop.  Please do your part in checking the newsletter each afternoon and initialing it on a daily basis.  This will be an indication that you are aware of your child’s behavior in the classroom.  A communication log can also be found on the backside of the newsletter.  Please feel free to write notes to me as I will be doing the same.

 Green Leaping Through a Hoppy Day!
 Yellow Hang in There (Warning)
 Orange Time Out on a Toadstool (Time away from classroom)
 Red Jumped over the Line (short form/phone call)
 Blue You've Blown It (long form)

If a student is having difficulty with his/her behavior control at school and is unable to remain on green or yellow, a conference will be scheduled with the parents to discuss other interventions.  A Behavior Modification Plan will be enforced.