Personal Biography

Lauren Lopez


     I am a Hot Mess Teacher! Why? Because I teach in a two-year-old classroom for The Growing Place Preschool.  I have always believed that teaching is hands on no matter what grade you teach.  Well, that could not be truer for a two-year-old teacher. We Love to Make Messes!  The messier the better!  Between the paint spills, toy catastrophes, the crumb chaos, runny noses, toilet training, forgotten juice cups, the ever-missing puzzle piece and the cuddly hugs there is learning taking place in every minute of every day! I absolutely love my job!

     I have been teaching for The Growing Place Preschool for 3 years, developing new curriculum and improving the current Tiny Tots Program.  I have made so many long-lasting relationships with families and students that I will never forget! Watching a two-year-old come into his or her own person by displaying their personality, fine motor skills, language development, and cognitive thinking skills throughout the year is an amazing process to watch.  These young learners go through so many changes physically, socially and emotionally.  As their teacher I can make a big impact on how they view learning and the school experience. 

     Always developing my own skills and experience by continuing my Early Childhood Education studies at St Petersburg College. I also works as a Telecommunication Engineer in Training and Project Manager.

     As an alumni of Sickles High School, my commitment to the Chorus group developed my continuous love of vocals and music. I often perform recitals at churches and regularly volunteer my voice to other local church choirs. My love of music can always be found with a cheerful expression while singing with my students and my son. Especially when it comes to college football and their Clemson Tiger rally song.

     My husband and I are members of Heritage United Methodist Church. We enjoy participating in local groups and regularly support community development activities. I also assists with my son’s engagement with local Cub Scouts, Pack 135 Lions. I love to read and you will rarely catch me without a book or kindle by my side. My favorite activity is to drive to the beach and read for hours while my husband and son play in the waves!


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Christmas Christmas Cantata 2016 Sylvan Abby United Methodist Church

Favorite Beach Location - Fort DeSoto Beach