Tiny Tots 2's Curriculum

Yearly Themes and Curriculum

Here is an overview of our themes and Curriculum focus for the year.  Please remember this is an overview, for a more in depth look at our goals for the year please ask to see my planning notes in the classroom. 



Month Themes Letter Color  Math  Language Arts Science Bible Activities at Home
August  Week 4 Going to School  A Red  Counting our Friends (1-3) “Going to School” Will be added Next Month Will be added Next Month Talk about School 
September Week 1 Friends
Week 2 The Color Red
Week 3 Fire Safety
Week 4 Apples
A Red  Counting Apples (1-3) "Apple Harvest" Cutting Open Apples  Being a “Friend”, Kind action words. Review our Rules with your child
October Week 1 Fall Colors and Trees
Week 2 Harvest
Week 3 Pumpkins
Week 4 Halloween Fun 
P Orange Counting Pumpkin Seeds (1-5) "5 Little Pumpkins" What's Inside a Pumpkin? Sharing and Caring for Others  Carve the pumpkin and count seeds (1-5) together.
November  Week 1 Turkeys and the Color Brown
Week 2 Native American Indians
Week 3 Pilgrims and Thanksgiving
Week 4 Thanksgiving Break 
T Brown Measuring our Corn Muffin Ingredients  "Squanto and the Pilgrims", "Tommy Turkey", "5 Flying Turkeys" Cooking, Stirring and Measuring. Prepping for Feast Day Friendship and Thankfulness Decorate your Fall Leaf at home and return to school.  Take time over Thanksgiving to talk about Thankfulness.
December Week 1 Christmas Giving
Week 2 What is the Nativity?
Week 3 Christmas Celebrations
Week 4 Christmas Vacation
C Green Counting and matching colors. "Baby Jesus", Christmas Star" The Smells and Sounds of Christmas  The Greatest Gift Baby Jesus Talk with your child at home about how they can show others the Christmas Spirit.  Also Enjoy coloring an ornament together 
January Week 1 Colors Blue and White
Week 2 Snow and Snowmen
Week 3 Animals in Winter
Week 4 Staying warm in Winter
W Blue Noticing and Measuring Different Sizes "Foot Prints in the Snow", "Snowball Fight", "Hibernating Animals" Chemical Reactions, Mixing Be Kind to all God's Creatures  Make your own "snow" at home and experiment with different liquids and see how it reacts to the "snow", Recipe will be provided. 
February  Week 1 Teddy Bears
Week 2 Love and the Color Pink
Week 3 Valentine's Day Fun
Week 4 Nutrition and Dental Health 
L Pink Counting Hearts (1-10) "The Best Thing About Valentine's" "Clifford's First Valentine's Day" Who stole my Teddy Bear?" Healthy Food Choices and Watching Seeds Grow Love One Another  Plant you seed in a planter box or pot at home and watch it grow!
March Week 1 Farm
Week 2 Transportation
Week 3 Spring Break Vacation
Week 4 Bugs and The Color Green
Week 5 Birds, Nest and Eggs
M Green Counting Bugs (1-10) "5 Little Ducklings", "Mr. Little's Noisy Car", "The Wheels on the Bus" Things that Hatch from Eggs. Pray with out Ceasing Spend some time at the park and observe some birds, also do some exploring on the ground level for some bugs!
April Week 1 Easter Blessings
Week 2 The Color Purple
Week 3 Wind and Weather
Week 4 Shapes 
E and P Purple Measuring and Mixing Flour "The Easter Story", The Colorful Bunnies", Oh how the Wind Does Blow" Weather Bottles Jesus Washed Away All our Sins! Make your own cloud bottle at home, directions will be sent home. 
May Week 1 Fish and Ocean
Week 2 Celebrating Moms
Week 3 Summer Fun 
S Yellow Counting Fish (1-10+) "The Rainbow Fish", "I Love You Forever", "Picnic in the Summer" Water Play and Sink or Float Growing with God! Create an ocean animal at home with recycled materials and bring to class to Show and Tell!