My Teacher Portfolio

Teaching Philosophy

My philosophy of teaching is that all children can be successful learners in a supportive educational environment where they can achieve growth academically, emotionally, mentally, physically, and socially. It is my goal as an educator to create and maintain this type of environment where students can attain their full ability by building meaningful relationships with my students. I will provide a safe classroom environment where students are encouraged to communicate to share their ideas and learn from their mistakes by taking chances.

I believe that each classroom has its own distinctive community; my role as an educator will be to support my students in fostering their own abilities and learning styles. I will embrace on becoming an intentional teacher that will incorporate various learning styles, as well as present the content relevant to the students' lives through differentiation to meet the needs of my students. I will incorporate hands-on activities, cooperative learning, projects, and independent learning that engages and stimulates student learning.

Leadership Philosophy

“Block quotes are a great way to emphasize text.”
- George Washington (probably)


My Professional Resume