Weishida Group

Weishida Group is on the basis of Zhejiang Weishida Printing Co., Ltd., which has become an international top brand of thermal transfer with all the Weishida people more than 20 years of continuous efforts to explore, research and development, and innovation. And we serve plastic industry from all over the world, and has won a global reputation. We are grateful to all new and old customers for your trust and support for Wshida.
In order to satisfy the masses of customers’ pursuit of excellent quality and first-class service of plastic industry, we rely on the advanced management experience, modernized and standardized hardware facilities accumulated over the past 20 years by Weishida Printing Co., Ltd.. We perfectly integrate the quality resources of the plastic industry, build a new 40,000-square-meter production base, introduce professional talents and new high-end equipment, and take advantage of Huangyan as the hometown of China plastic mould to build an experienced mold team. In Ningbo area, we choose Biscuit container company to cooperate in R&D and production. Based on the years of automatic labeling experience of Weishida in-mold labeling, we have integrated domestic high-end machinery manufacturers for optimization and upgrading. We take Weishida as a good foundation for leading companies in the printing industry to expand R&D and innovation in various high-efficiency, high-automation printing equipment. We establish a new plastic packaging products company based on practicality, high-end, and environmental protection, and establish Weishida Group Butter Containers in an effort to ensure that each link is excellent and efficient.
Now Weishida Group will provide new and old customers from all over the world with integrated solutions from design, manufacturing, equipment, printing, and packaging of the plastic industry. We will wholeheartedly safeguard the good reputation established by Weishida and give back to the society with high quality, cost-effectiveness and high quality service. We promise to apply our professional team at all levels to provide the reasonable recommendations and solutions taking account of all customers’ demands. Weishida Group aims to give back to new and old customers, solves problems and provides protection for our customers in all aspects of the plastic field, and our constant aim is that customers are satisfied with us and have no worries. We look forward to working with you to promote the development of the plastic industry for a better tomorrow!