Links for Students

  1.  Name of Website:  Free Student Help
  • Website Address:
  • Description of website:  Hard question? Offer an optional commission and the question will be automatically emailed to all the tutors, instantly alerting and giving them an incentive to give you homework help (non-commissioned questions are only posted). Tutors may answer questions for free, just to boost their own ratings. There is nothing to lose- you always have the option of only choosing the free answers.


  1.  Name of Website:  Verizon Thinkfinity
  • Website Address:
  • Description of website:  Verizon Thinkfinity offers comprehensive teaching and learning resources created by our content partners – the most respected organizations in each academic subject and literacy. The easy-to-navigate K-12 resources are grade-specific and are aligned with state standards.


  1.  Name of Website:   Alabama's Free Live Online Homework Help Service