Describe a professional goal you have for yourself. 

A professional goal that I have for myself is to further nuture and create an enviroment for all students to thrive by developing self-choice/selection. This is a goal that I seek to accomplish in content areas such as math and ELA, but at the same time promotes the students to choose practices to self-regulate behavior. 

Why have you identified this need or interest? 

This is an interest to me because I strongly believe that students should create and make choices based on their own interests. I believe that this would support students in their abiliy to become successful critcal thinkers and problem solvers. It would promote students to seek enjoyment in what they do because they had the opportunity to self-select an activity to demonstrate what they learned. 

What actions will I take? 

In Math, I will provide the students with word problems in CGI and offer a set of numbers that they can choose from to solve for. In ELA, I would give the students two activities and students choose one activity that they are interested in to demonstate progress towards standards mastery. 

How will you assess goal attainment?

I would assess goal attainment through assessments to measure and ensure that activites are aligned to students' interests. This would also enable me to ensure that activites are productive in supporting students in achieveing standards mastery.

Actions I will take to remain a connected educator:

The actions that I will take to remain a connected educator are reaching out to other educators at my school to have practice with student self selection. As well as, seaching online for other educators who have implemented successful self-choice practices into their classrooms. This would allow me to find and share practices to support students' needs and interests. 

What advice to do I have for new teachers entering the profession?

I would suggest to have fun with the kids. Yes, the work will be difficult but it is so rewarding. Reach out to other teachers and ask for ideas and support. It is important to remember that you are not alone in this work and you have an entire team of educators to support you! 

How will I sustain my energy to remain passionate?

I will ensure that I take time to care for myself. I will make time to spend time doing the things I love with the people I love. This means going on hikes, hanging out at the beach and going to the gym reguarly. 

A quote from my administrator:

"Our students are proud and driven leaders that take risks."