Other Classroom Info.


If your child is absent from school, we need a written excuse within 3 days of returning to school. Please notify us or the school nurse of anything contagious like strep or a stomach virus.


Important Procedures  

Arrival Time 7:40

Pick-Up Time 2:30 

Parking and entrance to the Pre-K classroom is on the Washington Street side of the main building. 

During morning drop-off, we open the gate at 7:40 and lock up at 7:55. If you arrive after 7:55, you will need to go to the front entrance to check-in your child.

Pick-up time is 2:30 sharp! Teachers have other school responsibilities starting at 2:30, so please be on time every day.


D.O.G. Binder  

Your child was given a D.O.G. (daily organizational guide) binder. The binder should go home and come back to school each day. It serves as daily communication between teachers and families and should be checked and cleaned out each day. You may send notes/forms/lunch money, etc. back to school using the binder.