Chinese I


Chinese 1

Ms. Eileen Huang-Giczy


Course Objectives:

This beginner’s course focuses on learning the Mandarin phonetic system (pinyin), reading and writing simplified Chinese characters, as well as using Mandarin to conduct simple conversations. Various hands-on activities will allow students the opportunities to explore Chinese culture, holidays, festivals, cooking, and calligraphy.


  • Easy Step To Chinese Textbook & Workbook ( Class set, supply by school)
  • iPad ( classroom cart , supply by school )
  • Loose-leaf notebook paper and binder ( supply by student)
  • Pen/pencil ( supply by student)
  • 3 x 5 Index cards ( supply by student)


Upon completion Chinese I successful students will be able to do the following in Mandarin Chinese:


1.  Use the Chinese phonetic system (pinyin) to pronounce Chinese Characters.

2.  Follow basic rules of stroke order to write Chinese characters.

3.  Greet people, introduce yourself to others.

4.  Exchange personal information, such as telephone number.

5.  Talk about family members’ age, occupations, and means of Transport to school and to work.

6.  Ask Who? Where? What? Questions.

7.  Talk about birthdays.

8.  Tell and ask for the time, date, year and day of the week.

9.  Talk about Time and Daily Routine.

10.Talk about favorite Colors

11.Talk about Clothing.

12. Tell Parts of the Body.

13. Count and write the numbers from 0 to 1,000.

14. Tell what you want to buy. Ask for and state the price of an item.