Chinese II

South Broward High School

Chinese II

Ms. Eileen Huang-Giczy


Course Objectives:


  • To be more comfortable with Chinese pronunciation and the tones;
  • Command of all major sentence patterns;
  • To converse in short paragraphs;
  • Begin to explain, compare, describe, narrate, etc.


  • To understand all major sentence patterns;
  • Comprehension on studied topics within the second-year vocabulary.


  • Able to choose best sentence patterns in given contexts.
  • To write effectively and clearly on various  topics.


  • To understand all major sentence patterns;
  • Consistent and full comprehension of textbook materials.


  • Easy Step To Chinese Textbook, book II  & Workbook ( Class set, supply by school)
  • iPad ( classroom cart , supply by school )
  • Loose-leaf notebook paper and binder ( supply by student)
  • Pen/pencil ( supply by student)
  • 3 x 5 Index cards ( supply by student)


Learning Goals

1.  Countries, Languages: Be able to express what countires have you been to and what languages you can speak.

2.  Subjects of Study: Be able to describe your daily rountine and talk about your subjects and the course preferences.

3. Making phone calls: Be able to conduct a simple telephone conversation.

4. Weather:  Be able to present a smiple weather forecast, compare weaterh in two places and talk about the weather in basic terms.

5. Seasons: Be able to describe the different sceneries of the four seasons, talk about the weather in different countries and cities.

6. Sickness: Be able to describe the symptoms to the doctor and talk abut the treatments. 

7. Hobby (1) Music:  Be able to name common hobbies and ask about someone's hobblies. Talk about the hobby related to music .

8. Hobby(2) Sports:  Be able to name some popular sports, talk about exercise habits and describe the daily exercise routine. 

9. Hobby(3) Dance:  Talk abut the hobby related to dancing and describe the hours of practice. 

10. Vegetables and fruits: Be able to name common fruits and vegetables and express your preferences .

11. Three meals a day: Be able to name common foodstuff/ meals, ask abut others' dietary preference and indicate your own preference.

12. Eating Out:  Recognize Chinese currency, know how to order food items and inquire the cost.

13. House: Be able to describe types of the housing, name and state the functions of different rooms and it's locaton in the house. 

14. Furniture:  Be able to name the common house furnitures, the measure words and  describe the location of furnitrue inside each room. 

15. Neighborhood: Be able to describe your neighbourhood and identify locations by using landmarks as references.