My Philosophy

The purpose of education in Qatar is to prepare qualified Qatari generations who can lead the country in different fields and domains. Therefore teachers are responsible for achieving that purpose by achieving some of the teacher goals which are different from teacher to another.

In my family I'm in the middle. Being in this position reinforces a lot of my behaviors, so I have become a determined, confident and dependable person. With these characteristics I have the chance to help a lot of people. Over time and after some experiences I realized that I have the ability to help other people and facilitate learning. So I decided to become a primary teacher because I like to deal with children.

 As a teacher I have goals and I have to make sure that my students achieve them in my class room. First of all I want my students to achieve the goals of the curriculum standards. Second I want to improve their social skills. Finally I want to prepare them for the future.

After my experience in teaching, I think the successful teacher is invariably a pragmatic teacher who uses John Dewey's philosophy of education. This opinion related for some important reasons. Firstly knowledge must be obtained and developed through experiences and interactions (observations and practice) with the environment. Secondly teacher will act as a facilitator for teaching and learning. Finally in Pragmatism teachers can use learner-centered methodologies such as Total Physical Response (T.P.R.) and Communicative Language Teaching (C.L.T.) more than teacher-centered methodologies. With the learner-centered methodologies students will learn in a comfortable learning environment and they will improve their social skills in group context by co-operation. Also they will learn how to depend on the other people.