Just For Parents

Parents, the world of technology is constantly changing.  Information can be accessed at the click of a button.  Here I've collected resources for you to use to help you and your child learn about safely using information and the internet.  Check it out!


Let's get started.  Here is a website that gives basic tips for using the internet and computer. 

Basic How To


Want to review what your kids are viewing?  Click this link to access a media review tool. 

Media Review


Now let's move on to digital literacy?  What is it exactly?  Watch these short clips to find out!

What is Digital Literacy?

Why is Digital Literacy Important?


Okay, we so know we need to help our children understand how to safely use the technology and the internet.  So what can you do? 

How to Talk to Kids About Digital Literacy

Internet Safety


Need more resources and want to check your knowledge?  This site offers a quiz for parents, videos to view, and handouts to better help you encourage your child to be digitally literate. 

Bag of Tips and Tricks