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Welcome to my class!

This website can offer tons of information about me and my class.  Here you can find out about me, my contact information, as well as tips and tools to help your child succeed.

Let's Learn!

So, why are we here?  As you know, the world of information and technology is constantly changing.  A world of knowledge is available at the click of a button.  It's important to learn and use this knowledge safely.  I hope that you find these resources not only helpful, but as a guide to learning more about the internet and technology.  There's so much out there and it can seem overwhelming!

What about the kids?  We all know children are excited and engaged when using technology.  But what about safety?  As parents and teachers, we want to safeguard our children against the dangers of using this technology.  I'm hoping you and your child will find valuable information about how to use information and technology to gain knowledge, have fun and become better informed individuals. 


So, check it out!

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