Parent Volunteers



I know many of you have busy schedules, but I would like you to know that if you have any spare time to volunteer, either daily, weekly, or monthly, we would welcome your help in so many different ways.    I always have things for parent volunteers to do.  Please check below the areas you are willing to help our classroom.


___ prepare materials (photocopy, collate, cut out, paste, etc)

___ work with small groups or run a center

___ work with students one on one like listen to children read and retell stories

___come with us to the library and help us check out books

___help out with class parties

___homework helper (copy, collate, staple, file, record, etc)

___Home Reading helper

___chaperone on field trips

___other (please specify)_____________________________________________

___I can’t come in, but I’ll do anything from home


Once I have all the times and availabilities of everyone, I would like to make a master schedule.


Please tell me the days and times you are available to volunteer?


____daily     _____weekly      _____once every other week     ____monthly


I work like to work this many hours at a time:


____ one hour    _____ two hours      _____ three hours  _____all day


The best times of day for me are:




My name is:___________________________ My child’s name is:______________________


My daytime phone number is: ___________________________


My email address is:___________________________________



Thank you  very much!


Ms. Schultz