Extra Credit...

Extra Credit for those students who might need some extra work to boost up their grade!! :)
1.  Read a book on grade level and write a summary about it.
2.  Trace your hand on paper.  Write your name on it.  Write a word to describe yourself on each finger.
  Play some of these fun activities at home for some extra credit!

Reading Games

Math Games

Using the Current Sight Word Lists:


**Memory- Pick 10 words, write them on two index cards.  Turn the cards over face down and try to find a match.


**Word Wizard- It is like hangman, but you draw a wizard instead.  Let your child look at the list.  Select a word and make

 _ _ _ _ for the letters.  Your child has to guess the word letter by letter before you draw the wizard.  Trade places; let your child select the word. 


**Spelling Bee- You may let your child look at the list (or not), have a spelling bee…how many words can your spell correctly in a row?


**Word Hunt- Select 5 words from the list.  Can you find these words in the newspaper, magazine, storybook, signs while driving or shopping?


**10 Questions-Select a word from a row.  Tell your child which row your word is in.  Your child can ask you ten yes or no questions before they have to guess which word you were thinking.  Switch places.


**Play sight word bingo- Using your sight words or vocabulary word list and make a bingo board.


**Play Pictionary- Using your vocabulary words.  Pick a word and draw a picture of it, see if your friend can guess which word you are drawing.


**Read a Recipe and Make something YUMMY!

**Use one of your own board games that may be a reading game like Boggle, Scrabble, Upward, etc.


*Play war- You will need a deck of cards.  Deal all the cards out to each player.  Turn one card over at a time.  The card showing the greatest value wins. The winning player takes the cards.  Player with the most cards at the end of the game wins.


**Addition WarPlayers turn up two cards for each skirmish. The highest sum wins.

**Advanced Addition War
Turn up three (or four) cards for each skirmish and add them together.

**Subtraction War
Players turn up two cards and subtracts the smaller number from the larger. This time, the greatest difference wins the skirmish.


**Play a  Board game that uses dice or a spinner like Chutes and Ladders, Yahtzee, Trouble, Sorry,


**Play Dominoes


**Practice with flash cards or make flash card memory.  Write the number sentence on one card and the answer on a different card.  Make 10 different number sentences and 10 different answer cards.  Turn the cards over and try to find a match.

**Look for Weekly Math Family Activities in your child’s Bee Folder.  Save and use over and over.