Here are some great links to check out in your spare time at home to keep your child interested in some of the topics we are learning about in class. 
1.  White House for Kids

2.  National Geographic for Kids

3.  ABC match game

4.  Picture/sound match game

5.  Game~Guess what is in the bag.

6.  Word family sort game

7.  Word Wizard Game

8.  Word building game

9.  Math website

10.  National Geographic Kids Continent Copycat Game

11.  Reading website

12.  Math

Addition and Subtraction timed practice

13.  Math

14.  Write your own acrostic poem

15.  Write your own postcard

16.  Write your own shape poem

17.  Fun for Parents!!! Help United Nations end world hunger in a 

18.  Academic Challenge Practice- Geospy games find the continents

19.  Producers vs. Consumers Game ~ Economics Game

20.  Goods and Services Farm ~ Economics Game

21.  Little Animals Activity Center~ stories, math, and music 

22.  Animal Habitat Website

23.  MATH~ Baseball Game (Addition and Subtraction Practice)

24.  Fun website of one of my favorite authors!

25. Go! George Go! Arthur Map Activity

26.  Veteran's Day Website for Kids

27.  Contraction Activity

28.  Addition game- sum sense

29. Subtraction game- sum sense

30.  Math Magician timed addition and subtraction practice.

31.  Math-Data and Graphing

32.  Math- Molly at the zoo- organizing data

33.  Math- Molly pyramid game +,-

34.  Math- Molly in the Forest, Number ordering

35.  Math-Max adventures- number patterns

36.  Math- Max and Molly at the clock tower- Telling Time

37.  Sequencing Activities

38.  Arthur Sequencing Games

39.  Cause and Effect Flippy's Adventure

40.  Between the Lions Word Play with Action Words

41.  Fraction Fun...Crossing the River Game

42.  Time Watchdog Game

43.  Time Activity- Telling time to the hour.

44.  Stop the Clock telling time to the hour and half hour

45.  Stop the Clock~ Telling time to the quarter hour.

46.  Catergorizing and Classifying- Plants and Animals

47.  Reading Games from our Reading book

48.  Worms

49.  Herman the Worm

50.  Calvert Library website, go to just for kids, then 
Great stories read to children!

51.  Check out the free movies and the free games.  The free 
movies change so keep checking back!

52.  The Secret Code Reading with Braille

53.  Reading Link (Fundations Skills)

54.  Reading Link (fundations skills)

55.  Reading Link (fundations Skills)