Welcome to Third Grade I am thrilled to be starting my sixth year of teaching at Polo!  This is my 16th year of teaching.  I have previously taught Title I First Grade, Title I Reading, 2nd grade and 4th grade. I am excited to have your child in my classroom this year and I am looking forward to having a busy and enjoyable year.  My sincere desire is that your child has a rewarding and productive year and that he/she will enjoy himself/herself in the process.  Please contact me at any time during the school year if you have any questions or concerns. 

Classroom Discipline and Behavior Plan A classroom needs to be an orderly environment in order to benefit each child.  I promote order by discussing/negotiating classroom rules with the children at the beginning of the year.  By discussing the rules, I ensure that each child knows what is expected of him or her, and I avoid the later argument “I didn’t know that was a rule!” 

Classroom Rules 

 1.     Be Kind to Everyone

2.     Be Safe

3.     Be the Best Student You Can Be

4.     Be a Good Listener 

1.  Don't Cause a problem for yourself or anyone else.

If a student chooses to not follow one of the above rules, he or she must face the following consequences: 

1st time: Warning

2nd time: Miss 10 minutes of recess

3rd time: Miss whole recess.

4th time: Complete think sheet and take note home.

5th time: Visit to principal’s office and note or phone call to parents.     

Planners Each day your child will fill out an assignment planner that will have all the daily assignments.  The planner needs to be checked nightly and initialed by a parent or guardian.  Any work that is not finished in class needs to be completed and returned the next day.  This is a great way to discuss with your child the information that has been covered during the day and it keeps you informed of the skills that are being covered.   

Daily Reading The only way to become a better reader is to practice our reading skills.  I believe everyone can develop a special passion for reading once they discover the type of reading material they like best!  Please help your child become a better reader.  I will send a reading log home weekly. Please read with your child at least 15 minutes daily, and document it on the reading log.  Logs turned in and signed by parents weekly will earn your child 10 extra credit points in reading that week.  Logs turned in late or not completed will not get extra credit.   To qualify for the Reading Circle Certificate in third grade, your child must read and complete a book report on 11 fiction and 5 nonfiction books.    

Book Reports Each month your child will be required to complete written book reports.  During the first quarter the books need to be at least 30 pages in length, in the second quarter the books need to be 60 pages and during the 3rd and 4th quarters the books need to be at least 90 pages in length. The following are the dates the reports are due. October- three fiction and one nonfiction, November - three fiction and one nonfiction, December –three fiction and one nonfiction, January - three fiction and one nonfiction, February - three fiction and one nonfiction, March - three fiction and one nonfiction, April - three fiction and one nonfiction, May – None.   The book reports may be handed in at any time during the month but all are due on the last school day of the month.  EACH BOOK REPORT IS WORTH 5 EXTRA CREDIT POINTS IN READING. 

 BOOK ORDERS I will send home various book orders each month.  If you wish to order, money and order slips should be returned by the date provided.  Please make out one check for all orders payable to SCHOLASTIC and return the orders and money to school in an envelope marked with your child’s name and my name.    

 Homework Students will have math homework nearly every night.  Ample time will be given for students to complete work at school, but any work not finished will be taken home.  Students are to return completed work to school the next day.  If any student fails to turn in homework on time (the next day) with the exception of being absent from school, 10% of the grade will be deducted from their score for each day it is late. (Example: If the student scores 90% and the paper is one day late, the score will be 80%.  If the paper is two days late the score will be.) 

 Absentees Students that are absent will be required to make up the missed assignments.  These assignments will be due within a set time.  (Example: Absent one day, one day to complete and turn in assignments, absent two days, two days to complete and turn in the assignments etc.)  If they are not completed in a timely manner 10% of the total grade will be deducted for each day it is late.

Tests A variety of tests will be used to assess student’s knowledge following each unit of study.  If a student receives below a 70% on any test (except spelling and reading) he/she will bring the test home for a signature from you and will be allowed to retake  or correct the test.  

Friday Folders Each Friday (Hopefully) a folder will come home filled with your child’s work from the past week.  Please look over the work and sign that you saw it.  This will help keep you aware of your child’s progress.   

Snacks Your child is welcome to bring a healthy snack to school each day if he/she wishes.  Popcorn, cheese and crackers, fruit and granola bars are a few examples of acceptable snacks.  Please, no candy or junk food.