Sight Words

Sight Words:

By the end of the year your child will be expected to read and spell these words in their daily reading and writing.  At the moment the focus should be on recognizing the weekly words by sight.  In January we will begin to have weekly dictations.  Each week the new sight words will be added to our Word Wall and your child will be encouraged to refer to the word wall when completing idependent writing activities.  Please note that in addition to the sight words, each week we will focus on a new word family.  i.e., ' IN'- pin, tin, win,etc.,

Grade 1 words: Week 3-  out, as, be, have, go    Week 4- we, am, then, little, down

Grade 2 words: Week 3-  been, cold, first, gave, off, sing, those Week 4- before , buy, fast, five, green, pull, very 

Word Families:  ' Ab'-  cab, dab, tab, etc.     and  ' Ack' - back, hack, tack,  etc.