My Philosophy of Teaching

                     My Philosophy of Teaching

As a teacher I believe it is my responsibility to create a safe and nurturing enviroment in which my students will feel that they are a valued member of our classroom community.  I must realize that my students will all have their own learning styles and needs and find ways to differentiate my instruction so that their needs are met and each child can celebrate their accomplishments and successes.

         This poem, written by Cherry Carl, best reflects my philosophy of teaching.


                                How do we honor the very young child?

                                The eager explorer, so wiggly and wild?       

                             If we look we can see that each one is yearning,

                             For that pat on the back to celebrate learning.

                                But trust is a must if we're seeking success,

                                 When we ask our students to self- assess.

                      We must teach them and reach them to show that we care,

                              As they learn to listen, respect and to share.

                               A few fear the risks, the reluctant and shy,

                                   But we've got to give them the freedom to try.

                                 And in the end they can cry out loud,

                                   "I've learned a lot and I am proud."____Cherry Carl

      For me there is no greater reward than seeing my students finally come to understand something that they may have been struggling with or watching them take risks with their learning and become independent thinkers and problem solvers.  This is what defines me as a teacher.