Messages to parents:

9/29/08 - Last week's grade sheets showed student's grades in a range from 5 to blank (blank meaning no work had been turned in and eSchools calculating that as a zero). After discussions with my math department colleagues, the homework scale of 5 to 1 will remain in place, as it is aligned with the DSTP system. However, a percentage grade will be used for eSchools calculations and all grades will now reflect this including those previously entered. The following is the scoring rubric in place now for homework grades and is posted throughout my room for student reference:

5 – A – 100All problems attempted, all work done correctly
4 – B – 90All problems attempted, most work done correctly
3 – C – 80Not all problems attempted, most work done correctly, some given answers are wrong or not complete
2 – D – 70Not all problems attempted, most work that is given is wrong or not complete
1 – F – 60Little or no work completed even if correct

NHI, ABS - 0, EX

(listed on grade sheet)

Not Handed In, Absent – Did not turn in assignment, counts as zero until work is completed; Excused – does not have to complete work

Interim Reports 9/24/08 - all students are receiving interim reports this week. I have handed out grade sheets to the students reviewing where they are - many surprised faces. Please review the grade sheet with your child, sign where indicated, and return to me no later than Wednesday October 1, 2008.