On this page you will find free resources for both parents/ guardians and students! smiley

Student Resources: 

MATH Ordinal Numbers

SCIENCE Sorting Objects

LANGUAGE ARTS/ WRITING Needs vs. Wants Video

LANGUAGE ARTS/ WRITING "Writing is Cool" Video

MATH Counting to 100 by tens video

MATH Counting to 50 and 100 by tens

MATH Counting to 50 and 100 by ones


SOCIAL STUDIES The Pledge of Alleigance Each morning we have been reciting the Pledge before beginnng our day. Please use these videos to practice.  The Pledge of Allegiance in English    The Pledge of Allegiance in Spansih

LANGUAGE ARTS Beginning Letter Sounds


MATH Counting Practice

MATH I Can Count to 100 Video:

SCIENCE Living and Nonliving Cookie Monter Video:

WRITING FREE Printable Name Tracing Worksheet: Use this website to create and print a customized name tracing worksheet for your child to practice writing their name.

WRITING FREE Printables (letter practice): Use these printables to help your children practice writing their letters! We are working hard in the classroom to write our names!

Educational Games and Activities: Use this link below to explore kindergarten number and letter games, activites, and more! 

WRITING Letter and Number Tracing Practice: We have been working on writing our numbers and letter. Use this link to practice tracing letters and numbers! Number and Letter Tracing