Rainforest Discovery

This spring, Mrs. Trudnowski and I will be co-teaching a social studies unit about rainforests. Your child will learn all about tropical rainforests (focusing on Costa Rica) and our own local temperate rainforest of the Pacific Northwest. During this unit we will look at the similarities and differences of these types of rainforests, as well as how these rainforests affect their own lives. Many of the activities that we will do are courtesy of the Woodland Park Zoo Forests Explorers Program. Your child will also have the opportunity to go on a fieldtrip to the Woodland Park Zoo. Mrs. Trudnowski will provide more information about the fieldtrip to the zoo at a later date.

On this webpage, you will find several activities you can do at home with your child that will help reinforce their understanding of the materials, including a list of related books that are available at your local Beacon Hill Library, online rainforest games, and several web resources for learning and investigating more about rainforests.

I’m looking forward to teaching and showing your children about one of the world’s most fascinating geographic regions. I hope they will become as excited as I am about this unit and return home from school with many enthusiastic “did you know” statements to share with you.Smile

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact either myself or Diane Trudnowski.

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