Our Reading Program

At Bayshore Elementary we use the Houghton Mifflin reading program. This curriculum integrates phonics, phonemic awareness, and reading strategies in a fun and developmentally appropriate way. The Houghton Mifflin program is theme based. Each theme is 3 weeks long.

Theme 1: Welcome to Kindergarten and Look At Us

Theme 2: Colors All Around

High Frequency Words: I, see

 In this theme children learn about colors, color words and how to use them as describing words. We celebrated this theme by having color days in which we all wore a color on specific days. It was really a lot of fun! 

Blue Day! 

Theme 3: We're A Family

High Frequency Words: my, like

This theme helped the children to understand more about families. We learned family naming words such as mom, dad, uncle, cousin, sister, brother, etc. We read lots of stories about different types of families but we learned that all families have things in common, big or small! At the end of this theme we celebrated by having a Family Breakfast. I was pleased with the number of family members that were able to join us in this celebration!

Family Breakfast 

Theme 4: Friends All Around

High Frequency Words: a, to

Theme 5: Let's Count

In this theme we read a lot of counting stories. We also learned to read the number words one through ten! This was a fun theme all about counting.

High Frequency Words: and, go

Theme 6: Sunshine and Raindrops

High Frequency Words: is, here

Theme 7: Wheels Go Around

High Frequency Words: for, have

Theme 8: Down on the Farm

High Frequency Words: said, the