In kindergarten we learn letters and sounds with our Alphafriends! They are really pretty cool, we even learn their cool song and dance to them almost every morning. Here are friends we have met so far and their song.

Theme 2 

Sammy Seal

Sammy Seal will sail the sea when summer is the season.

Sammy Seal will sail the sea and never need a reason.

Sammy Seal will sail the sea in very sunny weather.

Sammy Seal salutes a seagull as they sail together. 

Mimi Mouse 

Mimi Mouse, Mimi Mouse,

Minds her manners in the house.

When she sips her milk,

She never makes a mess.

Mud pies never stain her dress.

Reggie Rooster

Reggie has a rocket that is red.

Reggie keeps it right beside his bed.

Reggie likes to listen to rock and roll.

Reggie plays it on his radio.

Theme 3

Tiggy Tiger 

Tiggy Tiger can tickle his toes,

Tiggy Tiger can tap his nose.

Tiggy Tiger can turn around,

Tiggy Tiger can touch the ground.

Tiggy Tiger can tie his shoes,

Tiggy Tiger can count by two's.

2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12! (The kids and I added this! ) 

Benny Bear 

Benny Bear, Benny Bear,

Please beware, please beware.

I see a bee near the basket of beets,

The bee is buzzing by buttery treats.

Please don't run.

Eat your bun.  

Nyle Noodle 

I know a noodle names Nyle. 

He likes to nap for awhile.

He wears a scarf around his neck,

He's neat and right in style. 

Theme 4 

Hattie Horse 

Hattie is a hungry horse.

She's hungry for her hay of course.

Hattie is a hungry horse.

She hurries home by noon.  


Vinny Volcano

Vinny Volcano is my valentine.

Vinny Volcano, oh won't you be mine?

I'll visit Vinny in the valley below.

I'll bring some violets and a new video! 

Callie Cat

Andy Apple

Theme 5

Pippa Pig

Gertie Goose

Fifi Fish

Theme 6

Larry Lion

Iggy Iguana

Keely Kangaroo

Queenie Queen

Theme 7

Dudley Duck

Zelda Zebra

Theme 8

Mr. Xray

Ozzie Octopus