- Subject Focuses -

English I can assist you or your student in writing about literature, even if you want to use our time reading so you have someone to ask questions along the way I would be there to help anyway you need. I can even help you understand Shakespeare a little bit better!

What is the difference in a direct object and an indirect object?

If you do not know the answer to this question, that's okay because I will show you the difference between the definitions through sentence examples and sentence construction.

Always Remember Grammar is Squishy! There is a difference in the English language as it is spoken, and written Standard English which follows more guidelines in where, how, and why our vocabulary falls in a sequence throughout a sentence.

Art History The main goal is picture memorization for most of these courses and to bring new inventive information to a painting in research and papers. I assist in studying the details, and memorizing important historical events that were occurring at the time, as well as help [with many index cards] in studying the dates, artists, medium, location, and context of the masterpieces.
Creative Writing Creative writing is typically written in fiction or poetry, which displays imagination or invention, often contrasted with academic or journalistic writing. It does not include research, but rather a certain subject for the student to focus on. What generally happens in this situation is the Focus and Flow of these papers are scrambled and not completed, this happens often because the writer wishes to put down all thoughts as they come and the message leaves the reader lost or the message to vague  to get across, but that is okay because I can help redirecting, and refocusing the written material.  
Papers / Essays In this situation, most of the time the student will finish the paper before handing it to me. I wanted to emphasize that I do NOT do the work for them, we will go over the paper together, it is not a drop off and pick it up "corrected" situation! We go over each section of the pages due to see how to incorporate accurate research, further details, accurate appendix / bibliography / works cited, correct MLA format, spelling, grammar and vocabulary together.

"In teaching others we teach ourselves"  - Proverb