2019-2020 Supply List


Students please bring the following items to school and give them to Mrs. Lewis for classroom use: 
• 2 boxes of facial tissue 
• 2 packs of lined loose-leaf paper (WIDE RULE ONLY) 
Language Arts Supplies: 

  • 1 five subject wide rule spiral notebook (labeled ELA and your name) 
  • 1 planner (to copy homework and other important information)
  • 2 pocket folders 


Students should bring the following supplies to school each day: 
• 1 sturdy book bag (NO wheels as they won’t fit in the lockers) 
• 1 large zippered pencil bag (no boxes) 
• At least 5 regular pencils with a pencil sharpener with a top to catch the pencil shavings  
•  1 highlighter (any color) 
•  1 box of crayons (16 or 24- no larger) 
•  2 glue sticks 
•  1 pair of scissors