Peet JH Golf Page

Welcome to the Peet JH Golf Page. 

Practice days will be determined on the number of active players in each grade level.  It is expected that players practice on thier own when not at scheduled team practice.

Golf is a non-credit sport and is after school.  It helps greatly that players are familiar with the rules and etiquitte of golf.  It is also important that players understand this is an individual/team sport.  Golf is a sport for a lifetime of enjoyment.   I look forward to the comming season. 

To participate, ALL players must have, NO exceptions:

  • A current physical to tryout and play.
  • Their own set of golf clubs.
  • A ride to and from practice.
  • A ride home from competition on Tuesdays.

 Player Requirements

There is no previous experience needed.  However, golf is an individual, extracurricular sport and the school does not provide equipment or instruction.  Players will be provided a tournament shirt which must be returned at the end of the season. Players MUST compete against players of all abilities to make the team.  Not all who try out will make the team.


The team will be limited to 7 players per grade per team. (7 - 8th grade boys, 7 - 8th grade girls and the same for 7th grade)


Players will be instructed and coached on the rules of golf, golf etiquette, course management, practice habits and player emotion management.


Players are expected to be in fit physical condition so as to manage their pace of play, carry their bag, and walk nine holes without physical stress.


Players will need navy blue and khaki shorts maximum 3 inches above the knee.  Blue jeans, cargo, athletic, tattered or unsightly shorts are not permitted.


Players are expected to abide by the USGA rules of Golf, Local Course Rules, Conroe ISD and Peet JH School policy and exemplary competitive behavior.


Any questions, please contact Coach Corson, at