Peet Tournament Page

Players for the 05/08/2018 Tournament

Grade Last Name First Name Grade
Girls Gillen Ryann 7
Boys Luther Karsen 7
Whitener Michael 7
Dunn Lance 7
Tyler Ryan 7
Lovitt Andrew 7
Girls Davenport Cali 8
Turner Sydney 8
McCollum Maddie 8
Hale Adeline 8
English Sarah 8
Boys Crawford Packard 8
Corbit Sean 8
Moore Trace 8
Beeson Canon 8
Todhunter Ian 8


Panorama Village is offering a $6 burger plate next tournament (burger, chips & soft drink). 

Golfers (and family members) can sign up for a burger when they check in with the coach at the tournament.



Greetings golfers/parents:

First and foremost thank you for your patience at our first golf tournament.  We apologize for the inconveniences and the lack of organization appearance.

River Plantation was purchased January 1, 2018 and is under new ownership/management.  The new owner only purchased 18 holes.  The other 9 holes will be developed on (apartments).  The new owner was not willing to give junior golf all 18 holes.  Unfortunately that makes it difficult when there are approximately 100 golfers from 5 junior highs.

Panorama Village is willing to accommodate the rest of the remaining tournaments.  It is a little farther north than we would have liked, but they are able to give us separate courses for 7th and 8th grades. This will allow players to complete thier play in a timely manner. 

Perhaps next year we will have an opportunity to work with River Plantation again.  Unfortunately we were not able to make too many changes to our junior high schedule/policies upon such short notice.

Tournament cost will be the same - $15 (paid to the coaches).  Spectator carts will also be the same price - $20 (paid inside the clubhouse).  We are unsure about range balls/space at this time.  We will know more next week.

Below is the website for the club in case any would like to make a tee-time and play there before the next tournament.  

Again, thank you for your patience.  Looking forward to a great season!


CISD Jr. High Golf Coaches